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The Wine

Our Kick-ass Vintner, Deb Snow is the creator of our fabulous, fun wines!  Tastes like Raspberry Dragonfruit & Deb's Famous port style dessert wines are some of the highly sought after flavors.  Brokenstraw Valley Wine's are known to be a bit dry.  The sweets are not super sweet but more balanced in flavor.  Bottles can be purchased at both locations but tastings are only offered at The Lodge. Come take a walk on the dry side.  You won't regret it!   

Wine Menu 

Signature Series
$17 Bottle   $5 Glass

  • Merlot (red)

  • Nebbiolo (dry red)

  • Pinot Noir (red)

  • Shiraz (dry red)

  • Chardonnay (dry white)

  • Pinot Grigio (dry white)

  • Riesling (semi dry white)

  • Moscato (semi sweet white)

  • White Merlot (dry blush)

  • Vertigo (semi sweet peach chardonnay)

  • Tipsy Pink Lady (semi sweet pink Moscato)

Misc. Sweet Wines
$15 Bottle   $5 Glass 
Bear Claw Red
Squaws Escape
Orange Obsession
Raspberry Peach Sangria Style
Botton of the Barrel
Island Paridise
Mello Ello

Penny's Passions (sweet)
$15 Bottle   $5 Glass 

  • Exotic Fruits

  • Black Cherry

  • Green Apple

  • Peach

  • Pear

Kheri's Berries (sweet)
$15 Bottle   $5 Glass

  • White Cranberry

  • Blackberry

  • Black & Blue (blueberry/blackberry)

  • Elderberry

  • Raspberry

  • Blueberry

Kitty's Kisses (sweet)
$15 Bottle   $5 Glass 

  • Strawberry Watermelon

  • Kiwi Pear

  • Raspberry Peach Sangria 

  • Raspberry Dragonfruit

The Beer

The what???  I thought this was a winery!! It is! But we are also allowed to offer Pennsylvania brewed beers!  This is the winery part coming up...our selection is limited to two different PA Brews on tap.  

currently serving 

Yuengling Lager            Straub  Lite Lager

Drinking Beer at a Winery Perk #1...

You can still drink Octoberfest in February!  

The Liquor

You have liquor too?!?  Why yes we do!  We offer a limited supply of Pennsylvania Distilled Liquors!  Try one of our Signature Cocktails which always include....yep, you guessed it...WINE!  

signature COCKTAILS

Tipsy Cherry Coke...cherry wine, spiced rum & coke!   $6

Pucker Up...blood orange/cranberry wine, pineapple vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice & cranberry juice   $6

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