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Edward Schaneberger, Owner


Edward Schaneberger, Owner of Brokenstraw Valley Winery was born & raised in Easton, Pa. Ed is an entrepreneur having owned many businesses including Ed’s Property Maintenance, Carrmichaels Restaurant, Shorts Pub and The Black Horse Tavern to name a few.   With a boom in property maintenance out East, Ed and his girlfriend Deb decided to relocate which landed them in Sheffield, Pa.   Deb always joked about turning her wine making hobby into a business so when opportunity arose Ed purchased a facility.  An old gas station in Youngsville, Pa would become the location of Brokenstraw Valley Winery after extensive renovations.   Brokenstraw Valley Winery opened its doors at 3 North Main Street in Youngsville, Pa in September 2017.  The local community was ecstatic to have a place to purchase wine especially since the local liquor store had closed.  After several months the winery became too small to meet the needs of the community.  So Ed purchased the old Buckaloons Ski Lodge which had been vacant for 15 years.  After another bout of extensive renovations “The Lodge” was born located at 100 Hillside Drive in Youngsville, Pa.  The Lodge opened its doors in June 2018 as a premier event center and winery and the business continues to grow and thrive today with the support of our loyal customers and community.   

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